2 Cotas - 2004/07/21

…ielow dére…

Everybody all right?

So the deal is…

Next week will be scattered among some caches a group of ten, (10), codes.
And what is the proposal of those codes, you may ask…

…go on…


….ok, thanks….

Those codes will be needed to unzip a zip file. That zip file is the content of a DVDisk. That disk has the “you now what” maps. Every one and all of it. Inside that zip file will be another containing the ozi.map files, (thanks to PM, the MapMaster), needed to calibrate those for the Ozi program.

Those disks will only be opened with one code, so in the total there is 10 different codes that will open 10 different disks. You must find the codes, (easy one that), and wait to be released the correspondent disk, (just sit…). To help thing out, every code and disk as and identifier, so you only must find the code and the right disk, or just ask the finder to a swap deal.

Codes will be scattered, all of them, until the end of this month, July, and the disks will be released in the caches that I will find in the near future and have the right size, (I promise that will not try to sneak a disk inside a micro…).
So 4 caches and 10 codes will be: 2 codes for cache and two more left for a new cache to be born. Some one will put a note in the cache’s log site whenever the codes will be there. Also the future disk/cache will be signed. Any question?

Another thing. There is plenty of code breakers in the net, fell free to try it wildly. I will help, http://www.netgate.com.uy/~fpapa/   is a place where you could find one. Also, the size is 12 characters, (characters, not letters…), long. But when you MB begin to act like popcorn machines don’t complain, ok?

Those 4 first caches will be: GCGX69, GCGX66 , GCH2DB and GCHB7M, (for now). Soon will be some new cashes but for the time being those will be enough.

Simply: one code, the right DVDisk, with a passworded file containing the map.gifs and the ozi.map files. More then 1200 files. Isn’t that amazing?


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  • 1 MAntunes // Jul 21, 2004 at 12:31

    I´m on vacatins now!  So, i´ve plenty of time to search for them.

    – OOopssss! I´ve already found all of those caches (well Snoopy found one of them ) and i´ll be traveling to north, soon…  [sad]

    I´m out…

    PS: Malandreco…  

  • 2 bargao_henriques // Jul 22, 2004 at 23:54

    What a great iDea!

    Some of those caches are very far from Lx, and will be hard to search, for now. But is a stimulating idea.

    But, about the gift, I already have it, from a frienD. Do you know what I mean? 😉

    PS: lembras-te de cada uma… 😉

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